Meet the Artists

  • Tim Alanis, Alanis Construction Co 

    Creative woodwork from reclaimed skateboards handmade by Tim Alanis from Pleasant Hill, California. He started building houses when he was 16 years old and went out on his own at 22. He became a General Contractor at 29. Tim then got way into outdoor structures. He started to create outdoor furniture and then started experimenting with unique (dare we say, selcouth) woods. He then learned how to manipulate skateboards and went off the deep end. Tim has been a skateboarder for almost 25 years. All the woods he uses are either salvaged or are cutoff from various mills in the bay area. Tim is more than happy to take special orders via his Instagram account - tell him Selcouth sent you!

  • Agustin Sanders, Designer/Owner Apartment 415

    Apartment 415 was established in 2009 by Agustin Sanders, a Mexican/San Francisco based interior designer. As creative director behind apartment 415 he brought to life an innovative and fashion forward interior design studio that would merge the glamorous world of fashion with the lustrous realm of Interior Design.

    The 415 number of the brand is not only San Francisco's area code but it's also the apartment number where Agustin founded his design studio. Since 2016 Apartment 415 has expanded and relocated to Mexico City, one of the biggest capitals of art and design of the world.

    Eibhlin Cassidy, Hilo

    Hilo is an independent, slow-fashion brand by Irish designer Eibhlin Cassidy. Located in the artisanal quarter of San Blas in Cusco, Peru, she has been creating uniquely customized pieces from her atelier since 2003.

    Celia Sanders, Under the Influence

    Under the Influence is a 100% Mexican brand established in 2014 whose main garment is inspired by the kimono and any type of garment that can be used as layers such as the poncho, kaftan, ruana, etc. in different countries. With the intention of mixing cultures, colors and bright prints in a basic, functional, timeless, versatile, one-size-fits-all and unisex garment that has a lot of personality with which our customers can identify. The passion with which we do our work is perceived in each garment since in the creative process we give ourselves completely to each of the pieces. It is worth mentioning that it is a brand that works in small workshops, maintaining the belief that fair trade is the only way to work, both with our suppliers, sewing workshops and pattern makers, something that is also reflected in our products.

    Prosperity Candles (Selcouth Branded Candles)


    In 2009 three like-minded people got together. Each of us had been working in different places in the world to help lift families out of poverty, and wanted to do something more. What inspired us most was the idea of creating opportunities for women artisans to thrive.
    So was born Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise that supports refugees and artisans through candle-making and beautifully crafted vessels easily refilled or repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment. Every candle is handpoured by a woman artisan building a brighter future for herself and her family using the highest quality waxes, natural cotton and wood wicks, and premium fragrances made with essential oils. We never add any dyes or enhancers.
    We believe that welcoming refugee families and helping them to build new lives lies at the foundation of American values. Or as someone else more eloquently put it, "Welcoming refugees is what this country does best... it's the Statue of Liberty in action."
    All of our Selcouth-branded candles are poured in collaboration with Prosperity Candles, and all scents we offer are custom and exclusively made for Selcouth.


    Parks Project


    Parks Project's mission is to leave it better than we found it™. Our goal is to protect and preserve parklands for generations to come by educating, advocating, volunteering, and activating park supporters to get involved in conservation.
    Each product purchased contributes directly to one of over 50 non-profit groups protecting parks and public lands in the US and Canada, providing vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks and public lands. To date, Parks Project has contributed over $2,500,000 to help fund vital projects in parks around the US. For all that these places give to us, we want to give something back.


    Helen Casey Riddell, Haiti Fair Trade - It's Cactus


    We are a proud member of the Fair-Trade Federation. I love being able to play a small part in what Fair Trade stands for: giving the gift of opportunity to talented artists by opening opportunities. Our entire collection is authentic, traditionally handcrafted, and eco-friendly. Fair Trade really is the way to do business. Fair-Trade helps businesses source products that are ethically and sustainably produced, while consumers can shop for high-quality, unique items having the confidence that the artists behind the products are getting a fair deal for their hard work as they are paid 100% in full and up-front, even for their samples! We take this idea one step further. We build business relationships, but also friendships. Because of this, we truly have a genuine desire to see our partners and friends prosper. We do this by helping our partners acquire production and marketing skills by allowing and encouraging them to be a part of the entire process, from the creative beginning, to the making, and even the pricing of their products. This helps them acquire the necessary tools and knowledge to take their art to the next level, make it a business, create success and see it grow! Although this process requires time, energy and patience, we have found that the artists success is substantial and sustainable.


    Swahili | AFRICAN MODERN

    For more than 27 years, Swahili | AFRICAN MODERN has been showcasing modern African artistry through an evolving collection of beautiful handmade baskets, furniture, sculpture, wooden bowls, jewelry and accessories. We partner with craft producers to design products that preserve traditional craft forms and appeal to modern lifestyles. Representing artisans from 15 nations across Africa, Swahili | AFRICAN MODERN is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. We believe that the exchange of handcrafted goods should uplift skilled artisans and inspire conscientious collectors. Many of our products are crafted from natural or recycled materials. Others highlight the vibrance of modern African culture and the immense creativity of artisan entrepreneurs across the continent. Swahili | AFRICAN MODERN ships orders from Eugene, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

    Tales by Solid & Hadithi

    With fair working conditions and ecological manufacturing processes at the forefront of their values, Tales by Solid & Hadithi places a high emphasis on craftsmanship and authentic design. The brand has local workshops in Peru, India, and Kenya, where underprivileged but powerful women are provided with the opportunity to develop their skills, further their education, and earn a fair income through craft training. In doing so, Tales by Solid & Hadithi brings lasting positive changes to local communities. If you're looking for timeless clothing and interior items that are handmade with an eye for people and the environment, Tales by Solid & Hadithi is the perfect brand for you. Their dedication to sustainability, quality, and ethics is unwavering, and they believe that fashion can be a means of social change and a force for good.

    Shupaca Alpaca

    Shupaca products are crafted by a variety of artisan groups within the indigenous communities of the Andes Mountain region of South America. We are committed to supporting the social and economic advancement of the artisans & their families in these small communities through fair wages and direct incentives. Shupaca offers high-quality designs and unique products that you are guaranteed to fall in love with! We are a family-owned, dedicated brand with a focus on making a difference! ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE We specialize in Alpaca fiber!

    Balizen by zen zen garden home

    For three decades, zen zen garden home has been at the forefront of both the Fair Trade and sustainability movement. The Balizen brand, that we have created, is a unique line of ethical products for home, garden and wardrobe. Our designs are inspired by nature and the Zen traditions of craftsmanship, simplicity, harmony and the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. zen zen has a deep respect for local artisans’ lifestyle, traditions and environment. We strive to maintain the spirit of compassion and the natural serendipity that occurs when one is doing something positive for the planet. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation and commit our time to working closely with local village communities to educate them on topics such as conservation, sustainable development and organic farming.

    Starfish Project

    Starfish Project restores hope to exploited women in Asia. We provide life-changing opportunities through our Holistic Care Programs and our social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry and become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers. Through our Holistic Care Programs, we provide vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and education grants for our women and their children. Starfish Project has employed over 180 women and has served thousands through our Community Outreach Services. *Certified Fair Trade through the Fair Trade Federation

    Gauri Kholi

    GAURI KOHLI® is a family business, which is all about exquisite design, finest quality materials, uncompromising craftsmanship, sustainable sourcing and social upliftment of rural artisans. Our exceptionally crafted & beautifully designed collection includes furniture & décor, kitchen & tabletop, area & runner rugs, pillows & throws and everything in between to adorn your beautiful spaces for years to come. For over a decade, the husband and wife team of Gauri & Gaurav have worked together as GAURI KOHLI ®, using their love of travel, art, design and adventure to craft sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade home décor products.

    Verve Culture

    Verve Culture brings you on a cultural journey through artisan made products. We are a women's-owned family business that partners with artisan makers. Our mission is to create a marketplace for culinary and home goods from around the world that offers growth opportunities for their businesses. At the heart of our brand lies a passion for uplifting global artisans and fostering cultural connections. With our curated collection of unique home goods, you join us in supporting craftsmen. Together, we celebrate the art of craftsmanship and share the joy of global heritage.

    Luz Collection

    LUZ was founded in 2013 by Chantale De Breceda, who works directly with artists in various regions of Mexico to bring her own designs to life and to source traditional designs. The LUZ catalogue reflects a commitment to work with artisans using natural materials and traditional techniques. De Breceda is a member of the Métis Nation of British Columbia and a descendant of the Cowessess First Nation of Saskatchewan. She brings her perspective as an indigenous person to her business practices and is guided by the principles of respect, reciprocity, relevance and responsibility in her work ethic.

    kanju Interiors

    Kanju partners with small artisan groups across African who create beautiful, authentically handmade home décor. Our collections celebrate lovely natural and organic materials and artistic traditions with a modern style. From artisan baskets and felt bowls, to the softest pillows and blankets and unique statement décor, kanju has the perfect pieces to bring soulful, contemporary African design into your home, all handmade with love and with beautiful stories to tell through their design. We connect personally with our artisans, and we focus on items that are truly high quality and made to last, with the special warmth that only handmade items provides. Most of the artisans we work with are female and led by women as very small businesses.

    Salt Therapy Brand

    Salt Therapy Brand was birthed deep from the seas of the pacific. The life of the waterman is embodied in our DNA, it’s in our roots, it’s what we know and what we do best. We must feed its hunger for the sea with Salt Therapy. For us, it’s the ocean that sets us free from the daily grind and we know no other way, but to keep it wet.

    Lorena Canals


    Established in 1990, Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and textile accessories that are both stylish and practical. Made from 100% cotton, these rugs are machine-washable, meeting the needs of modern lifestyles. With two own factories in India, offices in Barcelona and New York and warehouses in Europe, Asia and United States, the designer works side by side with more than 170 artisans who take care of every detail in the most handmade elaboration process. The brand prides itself on quality in every aspect of production, from the best raw materials to socially responsible labor practices.